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Civil and Criminial Matters

It does not matter whether you are facing civil or criminal court proceedings, IRS liens and taxes, state tax issues, property tax challenges, mortgage problems, or having difficulty dealing with the Police, all of your problems are considered Commercial in nature. We have private solutions that can help solve your problems.
Keep your license and your driving privileges, with no new points on your driving record. Rather than merely pleading guilty to traffic offenses and passively accepting traffic ticket penalties, drivers in Georgia can call upon experienced traffic violationshelp to represent them. We welcome inquiries from Georgians as well as out-of-state drivers.

Child Support Termination

Even when a breakup or divorce is amicable, child support laws are complicated and can be difficult for a layman to navigate. Occonic Solutions can provide help with the following matters:

  • Legally establishing paternity
  • Completing and filing the correct child support paperwork
  • Obtaining a court order that describes the child support payment terms

We can also terminate current child support and child support debt.

ForeClosure Elimination and Help

Receiving notice that your lender is trying to foreclose on your home is overwhelming. Many think foreclosure is their only option when it’s not. Fighting back against the lender to either slow the foreclosure process or stop it completely is important. In some cases, the lender skips the proper paperwork and documents were forged or improperly endorsed.
If this is the case, they have no right to claim your home. You need to consider getting a free consultation. We help homeowners residing in Metro Atlanta, Georgia!.

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